Discus Fish

Discus Fish: What You Should Know

Discus Fish is one of the most popular fishes to breed.  Discus fish when bred results in lots of rewarding time spent watching these types of fish swim close to in your aquarium.  Discus fish’s colors are fairly intricate.  Viewing how a Discus fish mingle with other Discus fish is just so interesting and amazing.  Discus fish are a school fish so they ought to be maintained in roups 6 or more..  When they’re situated in groups, they are most most likely to act as closed family members which can be just terrific.

Have you actually considered breeding fish as a hobby? Do you actually find yourself very pleased whenever you stare into an aquarium. Have you also wondered how fish communicate with one another? Fish that speak one another often use their system to send signals to other fishes. With this, you will find various types that individuals are likely to appreciate. Choosing a fish breed can usually be exciting for you. This article will speak about Discus fish, how to take care of them, and the many benefits of breeding them.

When Discus fish have fry, their offspring attach to them and feed on their slime coats for about a period of one to two weeks.  During this time it is fascinating to watch the complete procedure.  Your closed family can enjoy watching them as well.

Sailfin Blue Diamond/Golden Eruption cross f1, Discus Fry, will be for sale on or about Dec 1, 2017 (grandparents below photo)


Mom and Dad …Grandparents

Red Checkerboard Discus Fry sale, QUARTER SIZE, $10.00 ea for 6 or more, 1 to 5, $15.00 ea. (now eating Grated San Francisco Bay Frozen Beefheart Cube and crushed flake food.) ……… Discus do better in groups of six or more and fry needs at least a 50% water change every day in order for them to grow  nice and round and not football shaped or stunted.

Red Snakeskin/Leopard SS cross Fry should be available in 2 months, about Nov 15, 2017


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There are many who will tell you that taking good care of discus fishes could be very hard.  However the truth may be the opposite of that.  If you place inside a Discus fish with another Discus fish, they’ll do well living together.  In maintaining a Discus fish’s aquarium, use sponge filters as they’re one of the oldest filtering technologies that are cheap and yet very efficient in keeping their aquarium clean.  You’re able to change about ten percent of the drinking water weekly or fifty percent monthly.  One adult Discus fish needs at least ten gallons of water to swim close to comfortably with.  Don’t ever put too much discus fish in one aquarium as it will cause them a lot of stress and lead them to die..

After making sure that all of the maintenance and requirements of the Discus fish are taken good care of, you may now sit back and relax as you watch these fish swim about.

Freshwater discus fish today has been hailed as King of the Aquarium .  Apart from their colorful contributing factors, it’s good to have your tank adorned with these water species. There are different breeds of freshwater discus fish .  They come from the forest of Amazon which also come up with kinds of fish breed .

Their they are called “discus” because of the round structure of their body which is also highlighted with the bright colors that they have.  Their thin shape enables them to camouflage in the long reeds and dark roots regularities with their striped bars on. Freshwater discus fish are known to be sensitive on aquarium conditions . Hence, it’s important to carefully guard the setting that you want to set up on the tank for your freshwater discus fish .  Make their environment be very natural as much as you can.

The relaxed behavior of a freshwater discus fish makes the breeder deprived of stress . When you allow yourself to submerge in music and see them float in their environment, it does something to your brainwaves which gives you a feeling of comfort and serenity .

It’s important to have your tank initially when you decide to keep your freshwater discus fish .  It makes the water to pass on from their original pH level . This is done because there are still harmful elements that needs to taken away and for the pH to stabilize .  Start by pouring partial water to prevent ammonia levels from reaching high levels.  For the breed types of freshwater discus fish, ammonia can be considered poisonous and should be prevented to build up in the tank .

In terms of freshwater discus fish, feed on them once a day or only in levels that they can accommodate . Let them finish what you’ve given them in the tank before you give more .  Any excess food is bad.  To allow the cleaning maintenance of the tank, put an algae or sucker fish together with them which also helps in securing the algae in minimum range .  They eat as they go and tidy up the rocks, walls and plants.  Its important to remember that they are also capable of producing their own waste that makes the ammonia levels high as well.

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